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On our shoulders like guns on the hips of a crip
The emotions of the world exists
Is this what you wanted when you said you wanted bliss?
People seeing things
Virtual dreams
Bursting at the seams
You get it
You said it
The medic
Forget it

Losing my vision
Made my decision
Start revision
Enter remission
I miss the mission
Of changing of positions
In the place of collisions
I'm taking the road away
To the p;ace
Where I'll stay awake
When I'm asleep
I'm leaving today
I hope you stay the same
Because look what you've became
The system has fried my brain
The distance insists on decay
I'm in a state of insane
My bedroom awaits

Do this do this
(Lucid lucid)
Music music
(Lucid lucid)
This is why we do this
Lose it when you listen baby use it
I am choosing to be worth it
(Lucid lucid)
Touch the surface
Don't be nervous
When the wave comes we just surf it

Yeah mask your mind
The sky is nigh
sigh sigh
The light is hard to find
My eyes are crying
And people out there are dying
And you're in here sighing
About the world that won't give you what you want
I'm under the tree thinking about thoughts
Understanding the universe
While you're in here worrying how much your purse (not being sexist or targeting woman by this lyric, simply satire on consumerism and materialism.) will cost
After you go on your amazon shopping trip
On the web
What's the number to your debit?
What's the number to your therapist?
I'm pissed
At the way these anarchists are trying to tell me how to live.
It's like, I'm in the wrong and you're in the right.
I'm just trying to understand the difference between day and night.


released August 8, 2017
This song samples:

Dream by the Pied Pipers

A Chad Sexton drum solo.





Just a yung boi making music. Follow me if you'd like!

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